Token + Protocol Launch Advisory Services

We assist our clients with the successful creation of blockchain platforms and tokenized networks that meet their strategic goals.

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Along with its consulting services, Agenzy offers advisory and end to end support for companies and founders looking to launch a token via a TGE/ICO or to create and market a protocol.

Services include:

End-to-end Solutions

Agenzy is comprised of experts with in-depth experience building traditional businesses as well as within the blockchain industry. Agenzy guides you through the evolving regulatory environment and common technical challenges to turn your nascent idea into a profitable business.

Agenzy advisors provide a holistic view of the market and can answer the questions you will have about both pre-ICO planning and post-token launch community relations engagement. By developing detailed use case scenarios, Agenzy informs planning for both product development and an ongoing marketing activities.

Token Launch

Agenzy offers a full suite of services for clients looking to fundraise and create new business models through a utility token generation event (ICO) utility token launch. Services include: legal and jurisdictional advisory; creating white papers; developing and pressure testing token economies; developing blockchain technology and smart contracts; branding and marketing for utility tokens and blockchain platforms through our channels; community management; introductions to our SC Advantage Network of partners and strategic advisors; and introductions to targeted token buyers.

Protocol Launch

Agenzy believes sector-specific protocols will be integral to the evolution of the blockchain space. With our experience, understanding and knowledge, Agenzy helps clients adopt blockchain technology within their own business or industry. By focusing on specific use cases, like supply chain management for an industry vertical, Agenzy ensures that a decentralized solution will reach mass adoption one step at a time.

Jurisdictional Guidance

Armed with the latest legal insights from our partners and constant monitoring of the global regulatory environment, Agenzy helps you understand where you locate your token launch and corporate entity. Agenzy explains which legal frameworks are best for your ICO. In addition, we provide insight into which countries have programs that meant to attract capital and encourage ICOs to locate there.

We assist with the creation of a corporate structure and locating the company in a favorable jurisdiction. We introduce you to premier corporate directors as well as premier legal and tax advisors. In addition, Agenzy can assist with staffing, as well as finding premier property brokers, bankers and payment institutions.

White Paper Development

The custom white papers that we create for our clients serve the purpose of what in the financial industry would traditionally be considered a prospectus and pitch deck. The white paper introduces the validity and utility of the platform, while also addressing a wide breadth of topics ranging from operating plans, product descriptions, blockchain technology, token economics, team biographies and token distribution strategy.

Token Economics

We assist in the definition of your token economics strategy. In addition, Agenzy reviews your distribution models and user incentives. Through our research division, game theorists and economic consultants, Agenzy stress tests economic models of existing and planned projects. Clients receive a risk assessment based on a project’s governance, token structure and consensus mechanisms. Considering historical data, benchmarks and identified objectives, Agenzy creates economic structures that maximize security, lifespan, and efficiency.


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